God Loves The Freaks

God Loves the Freaks points to a serious issue facing the church today — reaching out to subcultures and those who are considered the freaks of society. The “American Christianity” cult that many churches belong to accepts only members who dress, speak and act exactly the same way. We have somehow turned the church into an elite club where only those who follow man-made cultural rules are welcome. Why is it acceptable for someone to show up in church in traditional Chinese clothing, for instance, but not for someone to have a pink mohawk? The church tries to change the freaks of society, or worse, turns them away at the door. Jesus reached out to those in society who were different, who were outcast — the freaks. Stephen Weese paints a vision of a church living by grace, in unity; without the legalism that divides and causes us to shun others based on outward appearance. God looks at the heart and he loves everyone, including the freaks. If God loves the freaks, shouldn’t the church as well?

About the Author
Stephen Weese is a speaker and author of God Loves The Freaks. A freak himself, Stephen believes the church should be more open and accepting of subcultures. He reaches out to Goths, Punks, Geeks and Freaks as director of his ministry, Fans for Christ. His message is simple: God looks at the heart, not the outward appearance, and has made some of us different and wonderful. His book calls for the churches to come together in unity, acceptance, and grace instead of churning out “happy little robots” who act, speak, and dress the same. Stephen resides in Los Angeles, CA where he teaches at a community college, writes and acts in films, does voices for Japanese animation, plays role playing games, performs his punk music, and reaches out to freaks.