Director – Goth Mom Donna Sheehy



Donna Sheehy, known as Goth Mom Donna, is a subculture minister within the Goth Community. She is the Director and founder of the Grave Robbers Ministry located in the Greater Cincinnati area. Over the years the Grave Robbers ministry has expanded to a major worldwide networking and outreach ministry. Goth Mom has been involved in ministry for many years as Co-Director of the Asylum Ministries (Chicago), the Director of the Upper Room Ministries ( Greater Cincinnati), Director of the Rejoice Ministries (Greater Cincinnati), and Hope for Rejected (Baltimore, MD) which is the subculture branch of Youth for Christ. Once a corporate Goth for companies like Procter and Gamble and a career in Real Estate, Goth mom put away her brief case for what she loves best: Loving people into a relationship with Christ. 


Geek Squad – Michael

Michael Sheehy is our resident Geek and webmaster for the Grave Robbers Ministry. Michael brings with him over 50 years of experience on large main frame computers. He retired as a system’s analyst from Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio and for the past few years has been writing software for mid-range computers. He is now back to working on the large main frame computers at Western & Southern Financial Group. We are very blessed to have him as our IT guy.
If you have any questions for Michael, please feel free to contact him. 

The Grave Robbers Ministry is definitely a group effort. Our staff and volunteers make possible all the activities we do. My thanks to them for their hard work.