What do you want to know?


What is GothiCon?  

GothiCon is a Goth Gathering that is put on by the Grave Robber’s Ministry from the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio area (USA).  Although Christian based, all Goths are welcome.  GothiCon 2011 was held in Cincinnati, Ohio where a documentary about the Christian Goth community was filmed.  The documentary has been very successful and has been distributed to 28 countries.  For information about GothiCon or the Grave Robber’s Ministry, please check out www.thegraverobbers.org or e-mail Goth Mom Donna:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    



When Is GothiCon 2016

Dates:   July 1 – July 3rd 

(For a few dollars more, there is an early entry date of June 30th for the festival).



Where Is GothiCon 2016

Audio Feed Festival in Champaign, Illinois

Audio Feed Festival

If you are not a camper and would like to share a hotel room or would like to share a ride, please post on the GothiCon FaceBook page.



How Much are the GothiCon Tickets?

The cost of the festival is $60.00 which includes camping, great bathrooms and showers. There is no extra charge for GothiCon which will be an event inside of an event. There are reasonably priced hotels close to the grounds for those that would rather not camp. 



I am Not a Goth or A Christian, Can I Still Come to GothiCon?

Yes, we would love to have you. It may give you a chance to learn about our subculture as well as our faith.